Top 5 lead enrichment tools for B2B marketing and sales ops

Sales team’s craving for better leads while marketing team’s focused on hitting the number. Every modern B2B business at some point faces the dilemma – is it quality over quantity or visa-verse?

Ideally, when it comes to lead generation it should be quantity and quality. But how can B2B marketers really influence the lead quality? Well, there are in fact many levers they can pull, i.e. introducing lead nurturing campaigns and implementing lead scoring. Also, one of the major factors of lead quality is accuracy of the lead information, which is being delivered to sales typically through a combination of a marketing automation platform (aka. MAP) and CRM.

One of the major factors of lead quality is accuracy of the lead information

Lead enrichment tools or as they’re sometimes referred to as data enrichment tools are designed to help B2B marketers increase the quality of the inbound leads they’re generating and delivering to sales. The idea of data enrichment in B2B world is very simple – get as much information about a certain lead’s business as possible and validating that the data is in fact accurate. That way sales reps remain assured that they’re talking to the right people in the right organizations and that they’re not wasting precious time trying to get business out of leads with bogus information.

1) Clearbit Enrichment

Clearbit’s perceived as an emerging leader in the lead enrichment and data quality space challenging more mature tools like DiscoverORG and Zoominfo. While being a very robust data enrichment solution for both sales and marketing and capable of adding more than 25 valuable data points to you lead records (a total of 85, but the majority of the data points provide very little value), Clearbit is a high-priced tool – the more leads there are in your database, the higher the costs.

  • Pros: very capable technology with high match rate
  • Cons: high pricing and cumbersome licensing model, no free mode
  • Integrates with: all major CRM’s and MAP’s
  • Best suited for: mid-market, enterprise

Link: https://clearbit.com/

2) DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg’s a giant sitting on the second place of our list of the top 5 data enrichment tools. This solution is typically purchased by enterprise companies with worldwide operations. Sales teams would use DiscoverOrg as a prospecting tool while marketers would connect their marketing automation system with DiscoverOrg through a web-hook and use it for lead enrichment. Based on the feedback we’ve been seeing online and from some of our customers, DiscoverOrg has great customer support and relatively high match rates. The pricing, as you can imagine is really aimed at enterprise-size clients and their typical three-year subscription with global data sets is around $250K.

  • Pros: High match rate, great customer support, market leader
  • Cons: pricing, no free mode
  • Integrates with: all major CRM’s and MAP’s
  • Best suited for: enterprise

Link: https://discoverorg.com/

3) Zoominfo

Zoominfo stands very close to DiscoverOrg in terms of the database size, functionality and use cases. Although we’ve seen this solution being used for prospecting purposes predominantly by sales teams and not so much by the marketing teams. Their pricing is a bit less aggressive than what DiscoverOrg has to offer, yet still high. Overall, the quality of support and documentation are almost excellent.

  • Pros: High match rate, great support and documentation
  • Cons: pricing, no free mode
  • Integrates with: all major CRM’s and MAP’s
  • Best suited for: enterprise

Link: https://discoverorg.com/

4) MARCOM Robot Data Enrichment Engine

The lead enrichment technology used in the MR’s Data Enrichment Engine provides very high match rate, quite comparable with that demonstrated by Clearbit, DiscoverOrg and Zoominfo. Unlike its bigger rivals though, the data enrichment tool by MARCOM Robot is a continuous enrichment engine, where “continuous” means that even if the additional information hasn’t been found in the initial scan, the tool will obtain the required data from multiple independent sources and update the record on the next scan. The tool costs ten times less than the majority of established players and can be integrated with email validation tool from the same vendor.

  • Pros: continuous enrichment, pricing, high match rate, free mode
  • Cons: database size
  • Integrates with: all major CRM’s and MAP’s
  • Best suited for: small, mid-market

Link: https://www.marcomrobot.com/data-enrichment-and-data-cleansing-tool

5) UpLead

UpLead is a niche player with a very large database size targeting the mid-market customers. The main use case is sales prospecting, yet marketers will most likely be able to utilize their database of 45 million records by building a custom-coded integration with a marketing automation platform or CRM. UpLead takes the data collection process very seriously and much like MARCOM Robot, collects and correlates business information from multiple independent sources which ensures high signal-to-noise ration. The pricing is relatively affordable with quite transparent and easy-to-understand licensing model.

  • Pros: pricing, database size
  • Cons: sales prospecting is the main use case, limited integrations
  • Integrates with: limited/not specified
  • Best suited for: mid-market

Link: https://www.uplead.com/

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