Landing page checklist for step-by-step landing page optimization.

We've put together this exhaustive landing page checklist specifically for our fellow digital marketers out there. While everything that you'll find below is merely a recommendation based on our deep understanding of landing page best practices, this landing page optimization checklist might be particularly helpful when you're looking for quick and easy ways to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages.

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Landing page optimization checklist

Omit the website menu.

Consider omitting your standard website menu to focus visitors’ attention on the main content of your landing page with a compelling offer.

Over the years, this super-simple and easy-to-implement tactics have proven useful and effective for digital marketers all around the world and is typically a recommendation from any lead generation agency conducting a landing page audit.

Place main elements above the fold.

Lead generation professional would agree that unnecessary scroll can kill the conversion rate of your landing page.

Therefore, be smart about where you’re putting your key elements and calls-to-action. In general, consider placing them as close to the top of your landing page as possible.

Match your landing page headline with the Ad content.

Context is king! It’s utterly important that your landing page maintains the context of your Ad. If someone clicked on an Ad with “landing page tutorial” as a title, the best headline for a page your users land on would be “landing page tutorial.”

If your product or service doesn’t require a credit card to get started, say it.

These days users are more hesitant than ever about submitting their credit card details to start a trial of any software or service.

Hence, if you don’t require a credit card to get started, don’t forget to let your users know about it. Something as simple as “No credit card is required” can go a long way and make a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Don’t go too aggressive on the number of fields on your forms.

The times when digital marketers were using sign-up forms with a large number of fields are long gone. Unless your offer is super relevant to a particular person, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will spend 5 minutes of their life completing your forms.

You can either sacrifice some nice-to-have fields and only collect the key ones or use data enrichment tools to get the additional information about your leads without asking for this info on the registration forms.

Tell a story, but keep it short.

When crafting content for your landing page, focus on telling a compelling story about your product or service. Be sure to add the real-life use cases, screenshots, images, social proof, etc.

But be careful with the amount of content, and don’t forget that lack of content is not as big of a problem as too much content. Your visitor-to-lead conversion rate will suffer just as much, if not more, when your landing page suddenly starts looking like “War and Peace.”

Ask for consent and link back to Privacy Policy.

If you’re asking for personal information on your sign-up forms, reassure your landing page visitors that this info will not be shared with anyone and remain confidential. The easiest way to do that is by putting a link back to your Privacy Policy page on your website. Simultaneously, if you’re planning on running email marketing and nurturing campaigns across the leads you’re capturing, you need to collect their consent.

By putting a simple checkbox below the sign-up form. Remember, GDPR directly affects your work as a marketer. Learn more: How GDPR Affects Marketing

Build a “Thank You” page and take your leads through the journey faster.

It’s easy for digital marketers to underestimate how powerful a solid “Thank You” page can be. Right after your visitors take action on your landing page, show them a “Thank You” page.

Put some more details that could be valuable to them and simultaneously serve as additional indicators of purchasing intent. For example, if you are promoting a free trial of your SaaS product, your “Thank You” page could be promoting a product demo, or one of your latest recorded webinars, eBooks, etc.

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Landing page checklist
PRO TIp: Make your own Landing page checklist

What makes a good landing page checklist and how to make your own one?

When relying on landing page checklists you've found on the web bear in mind that best practices that work for other businesses might not necessarily work for you. Therefore, you need to formulate your won set of best practices based on the results that you're seeing in your landing page software, Google Analytics, CRM and Marketing Automation Tools.

Take your time to run a few A/B tests to figure out your own game plan and only use the checklists from other vendors as a point of reference.

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