Landing page analytics — measuring the performance of your landing page.

What’s the set of metrics that digital marketers should be relying on to understand the performance of their landing pages? In this article you'll learn about the landing page KPIs that you should be tracking in order to optimize your landing page performance. You'll find these insights particularly helpful when creating high-converting landing pages and scaling your lead generation programs.

Level I: Essential Metrics

Total Number of Views, Unique Visitors and Conversions by Month, Week and Day

Continuous monitoring of views, unique landing page visitors and leads (conversions) gives you a general representation of how your landing pages are performing and allows you to make general conclusions, especially when comparing the results that you're seeing from a few pages addressing similar keywords, or targeting similar audiences. As a quick reminder, be sure to be always taking into the account the budget spent on generating and leads.

Level II: Pro-Level Metrics

Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate Trends — All Time, Monthly and Weekly

Obviously, you should be monitoring your landing page conversion rate from visitors into leads. However, instead of looking at the state-in-time data, consider keeping track of the conversion rate dynamics. That way you'll have a much better understanding of how your landing pages are actually converting, since the results will be more normalized.

Level III: Advanced Metrics

Landing Page Performance by Country and Device

Here we’re talking about an additional layer to the metrics that we already discussed. Having Views, Unique Visitors, Leads and Conversion Rate by country helps you identify the GEO areas where you should scale your campaigns and areas where you should put them on pause. And the performance by device – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile helps you discover what version of your landing page needs more optimization work.

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