About Us

We figured it's important to give you an idea of what we believe in, how we see the world and why we're putting your success before our growth.

The story of humans behind the Marcom Robot

In late 2018, Marcom Robot was founded as a side gig by a group of software enthusiasts from the US, Armenia, Poland and Ukraine.

Our first product, Data Enrichment Engine quickly gained rapid adoption and helped us scale our operations. Currently, Marcom Robot has a 100% remote team of ~25 people working full and part-time.

We believe that great products sell themselves. Hence, we don't do a lot of marketing and we don't even have a formal sales team. We post on social media only when we have something to say. At this point, nearly all of our efforts are centered around product development, quality assurance and customer success.

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August 2018

We started Marcom Robot to help B2B marketing and sales ops leaders get more and better leads and transform quantity of leads into quality pipeline.

September 2019

Marcom Robot team celebrates a major milestone of 100 customers for Data Enrichment Engine product in the U.S. and EMEA.

September 2020

Marcom Robot launches a new product "Prospecting Engine".

October 2021

Marcom Robot launches a BETA version of "Customer Survey Tool".

March 2022 - May 2022

Marcom Robot team launches its "Landing Page Builder" product on AppSumo.