Landing Page Analytics 101

In this free eBook, you'll discover an extensive crash-course on landing page analytics, and learn the best practices and tools for conducting a thorough analysis of your landing pages.

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Get your free copy in PDF format, and discover all of the landing page KPIs that you need to be measuring and tracking as part of your landing page analysis. The landing page analytics eBook contains tons examples with illustrations and screenshots. As a bonus, we'll send you two more eBooks on landing page best practices and landing page optimization, so you could learn even more about the art and science of creating high-converting landing pages.

Basic and advanced landing page KPIs at a glance.

You'll get to know all of the basic landing page KPIs, as well as more advanced metrics that you need to be tracking to have a 360-degree view of your landing page performance.

Landing page analytics explained.

Every chapter of this eBook has supportive illustrations and real-life examples of how to perform the analysis of every landing page performance indicator.

Content from subject matter experts.

We spend hundreds of ours every month analyzing landing pages our customers are creating with our landing page builder. Everything we're talking about in this eBook is real-life use cases.

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