Looking for alternatives to Instapage landing page builder?

Instapage is a well-known landing page builder for small businesses and mid-sized organizations. Unlike Unbounce, Instapage is a relatively new player in the landing page software market ticking nearly all of the boxes on the standard landing page builder features — drag-and-drop constructor, A/B testing, conversion analytics, and more. Instapage is also a more expensive landing page builder than most of the alternatives. However, Instapage does have limitations that alternative landing page builders easily overcome.

While some of the existing customers call Instapage a “staple paper of the SME marketing toolset,” Instapage’s focus is often split between B2B and B2C clients. Considering a massive difference between the needs of B2B and B2C marketing teams and agencies when it comes to landing page creation tools, it’s hard for vendors such as Instapage to deliver exceptional product experience to all of their clients. In their public reviews, Instapage customers are pointing out a lack of transparency in the billing process, limited integrations, and continued price increases with little notice seem like the main disadvantages of Instapage.

By all means, Instapage is a robust landing page constructor that’s going to work just fine for many organizations out there. Yet there are plenty of more affordable (cheaper) Intapage alternatives that provide the functionality that you’re looking for and even more. Later in this article, we’ll be exploring the key reasons for the Instapage customers to start considering other landing pages. If you’re in the market for a landing page builder, or if you are considering switching from Instapage, you'll find this content useful.

best landing page builders

How to find the right Instapage alternative?

All of the landing page builders were NOT created equal, regardless of your budget and maturity of lead generation programs, here are some of the key parameters that you should be expecting from Instapage alternatives.


Drag-and-drop landing page constructor

Zero-coding landing page builders like Instapage and Marcom Robot make it easy to create landing pages with zero coding.

Landing page analytics and reporting

Your Instapage alternative must have robust landing page analytics to give you visibility into the performance of your pages.

Global presets shared across multiple pages

You need to be able to create, centrally store and update global presets and patterns, and apply them across your landing pages.

Easy-to-use A/B testing functionality

A proper Instapage alternative must give you an easy way of launching split tests, and view their results.

Seamless integrations with CRMs and MAPs

A broad variety of out-of-the-box integrations and flexible API are required.

High-converting out-of-the-box templates

Even though you'll likely going to customize them, the out-of-the box templates are very useful.

best Instapage Alternatives

Best Instapage alternatives of 2023 — free and paid.

Though Instapage is a powerful template-based landing page creation platform, there are plenty of alternatives that you might want to consider and run a side-by-side comparison.

Full List of Instapage Alternatives
Marcom Robot
Google Sites
Product Spotlight

Marcom Robot

Superior alternative featuring powerful landing page creation and lead enrichment technologies.

Creaour free Instapage alternative. Thanks to the integrated lead enrichment, your marketing team's generating more leads through custom landing pages, while your sales team’s producing more pipeline thanks to more accurate data.

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side-by-side comparison

Instapage vs. Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot
Most Affordable Plan
min. monthly cost
Shared Sing-Up Forms
Centralized Branding
Dynamic Text Replacement
Customizable Templates
Mobile-Responsive Builder
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Free Onboarding
Security and Compliance
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What Are the Main Reasons to Start Considering Alternatives to Instapage?

Based on the feedback of the verified reviewers available on www.g2.com, one can easily conclude that paid customers are happy with Instapage in general. Yet some of them are concerned with the continued price increases, limited scalability of the platform, and, transparency of the billing process.

Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
“Continued price increases with little notice, and no preference for existing customers.”
Michael D., Principal
“Instapage is not meant for scaling your business with many pages.”
Zeke D., CEO / Digital Marketing Consultant
“Useful tool, with limitations”
g2 User in Real Estate
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Looking for a Cheaper Instapage Alternative?

Though Instapage provides a solid feature set, they charge a premium price for their landing page creation platform and services. However, many organizations, especially SMBs are not ready to spend that much money on a landing page builder and are looking for a cheaper alternative with a more cost-effective pricing model.

Cheaper Instapage Alternative

Looking for a More Scalable Instapage Alternative?

Instapage doesn't provide an easy way of updating some or all landing page templates in bulk. If you need to update your brand colors, logo, header, or sign-up forms across multiple landing pages, you’ll need to update each page individually. This process take a lot of time and effort.

More Scalable Instapage Alternative

Ready to Switch from Instapage?

If you're contemplating switching from Instapage to other landing page builders, we'd be happy to walk you through your options. Please contact us and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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