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Marcom Robot Landing Page Builder is a free landing page creation tool for digital marketers who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use free landing page constructor to start crafting high converting landing pages.

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Free landing page builder is a secret weapon of any lead generation professional on a budget. Armed with a landing page builder from Marcom Robot, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of responsive landing pages and scale your demand creation programs at absolutely no cost to your business

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Simple & Intuitive UI

You'll absolutely enjoy building your landing pages with our product. Before we rolled it out, we'd spent almost 6 months in beta working closely with nearly 300 early adopters. As the result, our customers are getting a superior user experience with the product – from day one and for
years to come.

100% Mobile-Responsive Builder

With Marcom Robot, building a mobile version of any landing page is as simple as clicking a button. Our free mobile-responsive landing page builder provides multiple views, so that you can always see how your landing pages will look on mobile devices. Make changes on the fly and according to landing page best practices, and check out the result in real time,

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlike other vendors neither do we any limit on the number of landing pages that you can create with the free plan of our landing page maker, nor do we put any restrictions on the functionality of the actual constructor. That way you get to experience its full potential. You'll only need to upgrade to any of the paid plans if your landing pages start getting a significant amount of traffic.

Landing Page Analytics

Even on the free plan you get full visibility into the performance of your landing pages. In real time you're able to see the state-in-time landing page statistics as well as the historic trends on the number of unique visitors, conversions, visitor-to-lead conversion ratio, and more.

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Unique Features

What Makes Marcom Robot
a Superior Free Landing Page Builder?

In a nutshell, Marcom Robot landing page builder has a unique feature called "Centralized Building Blocks". Accompanied by the simple and intuitive UI and unlimited landing pages, it becomes the ultimate free landing page builder.

All free landing page builders were not created equal. The technology advantage that you're getting with Marcom Robot is hard to beat – you can create common building blocks and styles, such as header, footer, forms, etc. Those blocks will be used across all of your landing pages. That way, if you ever change something, you won't have to update each page individually. This approach saves you a ton of time that you could be spending on generating leads.

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