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Marcom Robot landing page creator is designed for digital marketing professionals who need a simple yet powerful landing page creation tool to facilitate their lead generation programs and
build landing pages at scale.

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With the free landing page creator from Marcom Robot, there’s no limit to the number of landing pages that you can build. Whether you need a simple landing page for an upcoming webinar, email marketing and pay-per-click campaign, or a more sophisticated landing page for an omni-channel marketing program,Marcom Robot has you covered.

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Easy-to-use Drag-and-Drop UI

Creating landing pages with our drag-and-drop UI is very easy. There’s no need for coding or anything like that. All of the elements have been pre-built for you and your team – it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping them on the canvas and filling them with content. You can clone your best-performing landing page templates and really scale your landing page creation process.

100% Mobile-Ready

Building a mobile version of any landing page takes no time. Our free mobile-responsive landing page creator provides multiple views, so that you can always see how your landing pages will look on desktop computers and on devices with a smaller screen size (laptops, tablets and mobile phones). You can make changes on the fly and see the previews for multiple devices in real time.

Unlimited Landing Pages

With Marcom Robot, there’s no any limit to the number of landing pages that you can create on the free plan. As far as the functionality, we do not put any restrictions on it either, so you could experience the full potential of our landing page creator. You'll only need to upgrade to one of our paid plans if the landing pages that you’ve created start getting a significant amount of traffic on a monthly basis.

Real-Time Visibility into Landing Page Performance

With the free plan you’re still getting the real-time visibility and insight you need into the performance of your landing pages. See the detailed landing page statistics as well as the historic trends on the number of unique visitors, conversions, visitor-to-lead conversion ratio, and more.

Armed with this data you can make timely decisions and adjust things quickly to get significantly more conversions from the same spent.

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Unique Features

What Makes Marcom Robot the Ultimate Free Landing Page Creator?

Marcom Robot landing page creator has a unique feature called “Centralized Building Blocks”. A combination of a simple drag-and-drop UI and powerful features such as analytics and unlimited landing pages, it becomes the most appealing free landing page creator out there.

All free landing page creator tools were not created equal. The ease-of-use and technology advantages that you're getting with Marcom Robot are hard to beat – you can create common building blocks and styles, such as landing page header, footer, lead generation forms, etc. Those common blocks can be shared across some or all of your landing pages.

That way, if you ever need to change anything, for example a logo, or a link in the footer, you’ll only need to update the corresponding common block once. This approach saves you a ton of time that you could be spending on generating even more leads for your sales team.

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