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Company Name-to-Domain
Matching Tool

Marcom Robot company name-to-domain and IP address-to-company name matching and conversion solution helps B2B sales and marketing teams identify website addresses from company names or IP addresses in bulk, and reveal buying intent from in-market accounts at early stages.

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What's Included

Company Name-to-Domain and IP Address-to-Company Name
matching tool

Identify website addresses based on company names of your target accounts, reveal your most active prospects based on the IP address of your website visitors - all with unmatched accuracy and time to value.

company name-to-domain

Get website address
based on company name.

If you are managing B2B contact lists you may sometimes end up with lists of target accounts for ABM and targeted advertising campaigns that contain company names and no website addresses. Use Marcom Robot to get website addresses based on your list of company names.

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ip address to company name

Get Company Name
Based on IP Address

With phone validation you're bringing the quality of your lead, prospect and customer data to the next level. You can identify those who provided the correct phone numbers and score them higher than those who put bogus numbers while registering on your lead capture forms.

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“This is absolutely amazing!  Way to go above and beyond on the customer support front. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.”
Becca Rice, Director of R&D and Support, Kiosk Group
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“The MARCOM Robot team is extremely responsive and I’ve been
impressed by how quickly they were able to return results for our business team. They not only met our ask, but exceeded our expectations
on turn around times.”
Joshua Riley, Director of operations, QuInstreet
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“The Marcom Robot team was great to work with and gave personal attention to find the right solution for our unique data enrichment needs. They helped us quickly identify data we were missing for over 16,000 records and were by far the least expensive route after looking at many, many other data enrichment tools.”
Todd Summers, Demand gen. manager, multitaction
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Designed for teams generating the demand and helping front line sales teams sell better, faster and more efficiently


Expand your reach
beyond known prospects

Improve targeting of your ABM programs and identify the most engaged new accounts for your
nurturing campaigns.

Sales operations

Give your sales team more info about their target accounts

Deliver a complete profile of every target account to your sales team in no time. Identify new accounts at the very beginning of their buying cycle.

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