Verify Phone Numbers of Your Prospects and Customers

Phone validation helps you verify the accuracy of the phone numbers provided by prospects on your sign-up forms. As the result, you're boosting the Sales team's productivity by delivering them more accurate data.

Why validating phone numbers?

60% of website visitors intentionally provide incorrect phone numbers.

Much like with business email addresses, your prospects and customers don't like sharing their personal or business phone numbers. Yet your sales team considers this information valuable, if not the most valuable.

checking phone numbers

Identify correct phone numbers in real time.

For every phone number we run a series of tests which help us identify both valid and invalid phone numbers. Unlike other legacy phone validation tools, we're testing your phone numbers against the E.164 international phone number standard.

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How It Works

How phone verification works.

Country code check

Check if the phone number represents an existing country and that the format is correct.

City code check

Check if the city code matches the country code provided by a lead on your lead capture form.

Known blacklisted numbers check

Identify if the phone number belongs to the list of known invalid phone numbers reported to the community.

Format check

Check if the phone number represents a known invalid pattern (i.e. 1111111111 or 1212121213).

Extension check

Automatically identifies extensions and cleans up the common abbreviations (ext., xt., x., etc.).

clean data = pipeline

Speed your sales cycle and increase conversion rates.

Phone number validation and verification helps your sales team reach leads and customers faster. Your sales cycle speeds up accelerating the pipeline creation and increasing the lead-to-opportunity conversion rate.


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“We're averaging an 85% match rate and we have not seen anything close to these results from other vendors.”
Brandon Flynn, Nine mushrooms
“MARCOM Robot helped us quickly identify data we were missing for over 16,000 records and were by far the least expensive route after looking at many other data enrichment tools.”
Todd Summers, MULTItACTION
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“Our budget was cut significantly and we needed to get a tool that would tell us how many records in our HubSpot instance are valid and how many can be removed with zero disruption to our business process.”
Cyrill Sidorsky, ULTIMATE ABM

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Your use case is unique and we understand that. That's why we've thought of all potential ways you may choose to start using phone number validation.


If you need continuous phone number validation and verification, our platform is easy to integrate with your existing solution through an API.

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If you have a one-off phone number validation and verification project, use our online self-service portal. The whole process takes just a few clicks.

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