Continuous Data Enrichment and Validation Solution for Salesforce

Integrate MARCOM Robot with your Salesforce CRM via our API and enable continuous data enrichment for your new and existing SalesForce leads, contacts and accounts.

Data enrichment for SalesForce

Why continuous data enrichment and validation for Salesfoce is a must-have?

With legacy data enrichment tools, the best match rate you can expect is around 60-70% and we believe you deserve better. The reason for such poor match rates when using other data enrichment tools for SalesForce is that they are only capable of enriching records in real time. That means that if there was no match between your records and their database, you won't get your records enriched.

MARCOM Robot is not just enriching your Salesforce lead, contact and account information in real time. It keeps track of all records that we haven't found a match for right away. Then it re-crawls the information for them and updates your remaining records within 48 hours. As the result, your match rates are upwards of 90%, which is unheard of in the industry.

What's do I need to start enriching my Salesforce data?

You need a Salesforce account and a MARCOM Robot account, nothing else is required. Be sure that your Salesforce account level allows you to use API. Also, let us know if you need any help - we're happy to help you with the integration at no cost.

Does Salesforce have a built-in data enrichment functionality?

Salesforce does not provide data enrichment functionality out of the box. Not only is MARCOM Robot able to enrich your data in real time, but also keeps the enrichment process running continuously, enriching your existing database. Also. MARCOM Robot has email and phone number validation features that allow you to identify bogus leads, quickly remove them and save on storage costs.

Where's the enrichment data coming from?

MARCOM Robot combines data from multiple independent data collection and cleansing processes, including but not limited to web crawling, crowdsourcing to ensure the highest match rate possible. Our database is being continuously updated and the data is being constantly validated.

Is Salesforce data enrichment free?

With your free MARCOM Robot account, you're able to enrich fifty (50) Salesforce companies and contacts every month. Our paid plans are extremely affordable

Can MARCOM Robot enrich my existing Salesforce database?

Sure! Just let us know how many contacts and companies you store in your Salesforce database and we'd be happy to help you with that. Not only can we enrich your existing database, but also the new records using the same easy integration method.
average match rate with existing clients who already integrated MARCOM Robot with SalesForce
3 Days
average time-to-value - from the moment you reach out to us, till when you start seeing results
15 Days
average time-to-ROI - when your investment in SalesForce data enrichment pays off
Help & Support
is what you'll get from us during the entire data enrichment process

This is how a typical SalesForce enrichment integration project
plays out

Step I: Discovery call

We get together on a quick call with your business and technical resources to make sure that we're addressing all of the requirements from your key stakeholders.

Step II: Proof of value

The data enrichment API integration takes just a few clicks, but we'll be monitoring and reviewing the results together with you to ensure you're getting the value you expected.

Step III: Launch

After we tested all of the use cases and confirmed with you and your team that all of the requirements have been met, we'll be launching continuous data enrichment for SalesForce.