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SurveySense is an online customer feedback tool that makes it easy for you to gauge customer sentiment and measure customer loyalty. Collect and analyze customer feedback with CSAT, CES, NPS and eNPS surveys and get to know how your customers really feel about your products, services, or interactions with your team.

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Feature Highlights

All-in-one customer feedback tool — create, launch, analyze and act upon customer feedback.

Not all customer feedback tools were created equal. SurveySense provides the features you need, the UX you'll love and the pricing options you can afford. Moreover, with SurveySense, you get both one-question and multi-question surveys.

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One-question survey (CSAT) icon
Customer feedback survey software (CSAT, CES NPS surveys)

Create and launch customer feedback surveys. Use smileys face, thumbs up/down, stars rating, and other engaging formats.

Multi-question surveys icon
multi-question surveys

Use our customer feedback survey software with single choice, multiple choice, Yes/No, radio, and other types of questions.

Email Alerts to important customer feedback icon
Alerts on customer feedback
that requires attention

Real-time email notifications on responses, scores and ratings (positive or negative) that require your special attention.

Out-of-the-box survey templates icon
Ready-to-use templates for customer feedback surveys

Ready-to-launch CSAT, CES and NPS survey templates pre-built for you according to the survey best practices.

Integrations icon
Native and custom
API integrations

Integrations with your existing tech stack — customer relationship management, marketing automation and support systems.

Customer survey analytics icon
Survey analytics
and reporting

Fully customizable real-time CSAT, CES and NPS dashboards and charts combined with advanced survey analytics.

In Action

Customer feedback tool in action.

See how easy it actually is to create surveys, collect customer feedback online and discover how your prospects and customers truly feel about their experience with you products, services and team.

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One-question survey (CSAT) icon
One-click CSAT, CES and NPS surveys

Create customer feedback surveys in just a few clicks.

SurveySense customer feedback took makes it easy for you to create one-question surveys in minutes thanks to our intuitive step-by-step survey builder. Use one of our predefined customer feedback survey templates, or create your custom ones from scratch.

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Customer survey tool
Feature: Survey Blasts

Send customer feedback surveys directly from SurveySense.

Not only can you create your customer feedback surveys, but also send them directly from SurveySense. All you need to do is connect your mail client to SurveySense, and schedule your customer feedback survey for your preferred date and time.

Alternatively, you can integrate SurveySense with your existing email marketing and marketing automation tools, and leverage your existing tool stack.

Customer satisfaction software dashboard
Feature: Customer Intelligence

Collect customer feedback, and discover your advocates, passives and detractors.

The SurveySense customer feedback tool allows you to easily categorize your customers into advocates, passives, and detractors, providing a clear view of their loyalty and satisfaction levels.

With this information at hand, you can effectively prioritize your efforts and guide your customer success team in mitigating churn risks.

Customer satisfaction software respondents
Customer survey analytics icon
Survey analytics and reporting

Measure and track your CSAT, CES and NPS in real time.

Visualize your CSAT, CES and NPS dynamics with integrated real-time charts and dashboards. Keep an eye on how your customers are rating their experience with every individual support or customer success agent.

Customer feedback tool dashboard
Email alerts to important customer feedback icon
Alerts on feedback that requires attention

Get notified on feedback that requires special attention. Prevent churn.

Create a list of individuals, who need to get notified on certain types or feedback — good or bad. With email alerts, you and your team can provide timely assistance, and reduce churn.

Customer feedback tool in action
Salesforce logo
Integration with Salesforce

Measure, track and gauge customer satisfaction in Salesforce and other CRM's.

As part of the Professional plan, you get a Salesforce survey tool that allows you to launch surveys, collect and store feedback, and visualize results (CSAT score, NPS score, etc) inside Salesforce.

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Customer feedback tool respondents
Integrations icon
Native and custom API integrations

Trigger adjacent workflows based on the type of feedback you've received.

Create and facilitate processes and workflows based on the types of feedback you receive from your prospects and customers. Get the right people with the right tools involved at the right time.

Customer feedback tool integrations
Customer Stories

Finally, a customer feedback tool that's actually easy to use.

Thanks to SurveySense's step-by-step survey builder, advanced analytics and real-time alerts, gathering and making sense of customer feedback is easier than ever. But don't take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say.

Use Cases & Examples

Real-life examples of customer feedback surveys created with SurveySense.

Take a look at these real-life examples of CSAT, CES and NPS surveys that you can create and launch with Marcom Robot in minutes. Simply activate a free plan, or one of the cost-effective paid subscriptions (annual or monthly).

CSAT survey example

Are you customers satisfied
with your products and services?

Regular customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys can help you discover how your customers really feel about your products, services, or interactions with your team. With Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can create engaging CSAT surveys, measure and monitor customer pulse, and identify areas for improvement in your products business processes.

See how to create CSAT surveys with SurveySense
CES survey example

How easy is it for your customers to use your products and services, or do business with you?

Understanding customer effort is the first step to optimizing your internal processes and making them easy for the customer. Whether it's a product purchase or support engagement, with Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can measure customer effort after every interaction, and take action to improve.

See how to create CES Surveys with SurveySense
NPS survey example

Are your customers loyal to your brand?

Measuring net promoter score (NPS) is one of the best ways to quantify customer loyalty, and understand your customers' true feelings and perceptions about your brand. With Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can create your net promoter score surveys with ease, measure NPS, and hear feedback from your customers in their own words.

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