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Customer feedback tool for customer-centric businesses.

Discover, measure and manage your CSAT, CES and NPS. Reduce churn.

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Collect customer feedback on autopilot. Respond rapidly.

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Simple Customer Survey Builder

Create one-click customer surveys in one click.

Dashboards & Analytics

Measure and analyze you CSAT, CES and NPS in real time.

Customer Intelligence

See who your promoters, passives and detractors are.


Get notified on feedback that requires special attention.

API & Integratoins

Trigger different workflows based on the type of feedback you've received.

Key Features

Not all customer feedback tools were created equal. Marcom Robot provides the features you need, the UX you'll love and the pricing options your team can afford.

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One-click surveys

Ready-to-go templates

Real-time alerts

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API & Integrations

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