Introducing SurveySense — Your Top Choice SurveyMonkey Alternative for 2023

SurveySense by Marcom Robot offers enhanced functionality, a superior product experience, and cost-effective pricing, making it the ultimate survey solution. If you're seeking an alternative to SurveyMonkey in 2023, try SurveySense.

Why SwitcH from SurveySparrow?

Why are SurveyMonkey customers exploring other options?

Based on feedback from verified SurveyMonkey customers on G2, some express dissatisfaction with the user interface, support quality, product usability, and pricing, prompting them to look for alternatives.

"Survey Monkey UI is also much more clunky..."
Unhappy SurveySparrow customer - Abhishek
Andrew C.
Salesforce Application Administrator
Star iconStar icon
"SurveyMonkey is not the best survey platform for feedback..."
G2 User
Education Management
Star iconStar icon
"Not happy with SurveyMonkey..."
Unhappy SurveyMonkey Customer - Nancy S.
Nancy S.
Small Business Owner
Star iconStar iconStar icon
"SurveyMonkey is convenient if you haven't been exposed to other products..."
Unhappy SurveySparrow Customer - M Terry C
Cole D.
Healthcare professional
Star iconStar icon
"SurveyMonkey is not as user-friendly as I hoped and too heavily branded..."
Unhappy SurveySparrow Customer - Artin P.
G2 User
Business Owner (MID-Sized)
Star iconStar iconStar icon
"SurveyMonkey's customer service could be better..."
Unhappy SurveyMonkey Customer - Christina B.
Christina B,
Independent Contractor
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Considerations for SurveyMonkey alternatives:

Established in 1999, SurveyMonkey aimed to be a niche alternative to SurveySense and quickly gained prominence in the survey software market.

However, in 2023, numerous alternatives offer a more modern UI, broader survey functionality, and better overall product and support experiences at more affordable prices.

Some customers cite a dated UI, complex survey creation process, subpar support, and an uneasy product experience as driving factors for exploring other survey tools.

Concerns about SurveyMonkey's pricing model arise, as some customers feel pushed toward more expensive plans despite only needing a few advanced features.

Looking for a more reasonably priced SurveyMonkey alternative?

SurveyMonkey caters to businesses of all sizes, offering flexible price tiers. However, committing to an annual subscription may not be feasible for many organizations, especially SMBs.

In contrast, SurveySense provides a highly competitive pricing model, starting at just $19 per month with a monthly commitment or as low as $16 per month with an annual commitment, making it an even more cost-effective option to consider.

Looking for a more advanced SurveyMonkey alternative?

SurveyMonkey lacks the ability to send customer surveys directly from the survey tool, potentially limiting certain customers who need an all-in-one solution for creating and delivering surveys via email.

Ready to switch from SurveyMonkey?

We'd be delighted to guide you through your options if you're considering switching from SurveyMonkey to other survey tools. Please contact us, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

Customer Stories

SurveySense — voted #1 alternative to SurveyMonkey in 2023.

Hear what SurveySense customers and peers say about their experience with our survey tool. From leading digital marketing bloggers to ex-SurveyMonkey users, their feedback confirms that SurveySense is indeed the best alternative.

 Side-by-side comparison:
SurveyMonkey vs. SurveySense

No matter your budget or CX organization's maturity, expect key capabilities from the best SurveyMonkey alternatives, such as SurveySense.

Most Affordable Plan
$39 per month with yearly billing
$19 per month with monthly billing
$16 per month with yearly billing
Multi-Questions Surveys
Customizable Survey Templates
Mobile-Responsive Surveys
Email Alerts
Ability to Send Surveys Directly from the Product
Business and Enterprise plans only,
Free Onboarding
Why SurveySense?

Check out some of SurveySense's strongest sides—available on all plans, including the free one.

Not all customer feedback tools were created equal. In comparison to SurveyMonkey, SurveySense provides the features you need, the UX you'll love and the pricing options you can afford. Moreover, with SurveySense, you get both one-question and multi-question surveys, as well as the ability to send surveys, even on the free plan.

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One-question survey (CSAT) icon
One-question surveys — CSAT, CES, NPS, eNPS and more.

Create and launch customer feedback surveys. Use smileys face, thumbs up/down, stars rating, and other engaging formats.

Multi-question surveys icon
Fully-customizable multi-question surveys with custom logic.

Use our customer feedback survey software with single choice, multiple choice, Yes/No, radio, and other types of questions.

Email Alerts to important customer feedback icon
Alerts on customer feedback
that requires attention.

Real-time email notifications on responses, scores and ratings (positive or negative) that require your special attention.

Out-of-the-box survey templates icon
Out-of-the-box survey templates for a quick and easy start.

Ready-to-launch CSAT, CES and NPS survey templates pre-built for you according to the survey best practices.

Customer survey analytics icon
Advanced survey analytics and reporting.

Fully customizable real-time CSAT, CES and NPS dashboards and charts combined with advanced survey analytics.

Integrations icon
Integrations with your existing tech stack.

Integrations with your existing tech stack — customer relationship management, marketing automation and support systems.

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