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Instead of just giving you a bunch of landing page templates to choose from, we help you create your landing page system with shared components such as forms, colors, fonts, headers, footers, etc.


Better flexibility

Shared Forms

Need to adjust a sign-up form on 400+ landing

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Perfect branding

Shared Colors

See the main use cases of using landing pages - from

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100% consistency

Shared Fonts

Learn more about the core landing page components

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Higher efficiency

Shared Blocks

Discover the main ways you can be driving traffic to you

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Qualified leads

Email Validation

Check out the 5 landing page best practices and start .

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Better lead data

Lead Data Enrichment

If you're looking for some actionable advice on building

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Enormous power. UnparAlleled usability.

Everything you need and more to create landing pages at scale.

There's one thing that you don't need to do to create high-converting landing pages with Marcom Robot
— you don't need to code.

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drag-and-drop landing page builder

Create landing pages. Effortlessly.

You don't need to know HTML or CSS to build high-converting landing pages with our landing page design tool. Simply drag and drop building blocks like page sections, images, forms, etc.

landing page analytics

Gain full visibility into your landing page performance.

With Marcom Robot, you're getting real-time visibility in to the performance of your landing pages.Track views, unique visitors, conversions, lead location and device data, and more.

Landing Page A/b Testing

Identify winning patterns, and get more conversions from the same Ad spend.

Run A/B tests for your landing pages with ease — simply select the page variants, and we'll do all the split testing heavy lifting for you.

Landing Page A/B Test Feature Illustration

Create a scalable landing page system, not just individual landing pages.

Design shared components that become available to your entire team. That way,  all of your landing pages are 100% consistent with your style guide, and using proper forms, headers and footers.

Email Validation and Lead Enrichment

Instantly verify email addresses of your leads, and send more data to sales.

Simply your sign-up forms to increase you visitor-to-lead conversion rate while getting more intelligence about the leads you're generating with the built-in lead enrichment, email and phone number validation.

Post-Click experiences

Any channel.
Any campaign.
Any device.

Marcom Robot Pay-Per-Click Illustration


Get more leads from your Ad spend by improving quality score and Ad rank thanks to perfectly optimized landing pages.

Marcom Robot Webinar Illustration


Drive more registrants to your educational and commercial webinars through dedicated landing pages.

Marcom Robot Limited Time Offers Illustration


Maximize the effectiveness of your limited time offers by creating landing pages with countdown timers.

Marcom Robot Email Marketing Illustration

Email Marketing

Boost the results of your email campaigns and nurturing flows with higher click-to-lead rate.

Marcom Robot Tradeshow Illustration

Trade Shows and Virtual Events

Bring more attendees to your major trade shows, customer events and face-to-face trainings.

Landing Page Builder Alternatives

Superior alternative to other landing page builders.

All landing page builders were not created equal. Marcom Robot provides the advanced features you need and the pricing options you can afford.

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What is a landing page?

In B2B digital marketing, landing pages are a particular type of webpages that serves one specific purpose – converting web visitors who landed on it into leads.

What is a landing page

What's the anatomy of landing page?

High-converting landing pages, much like all engaging websites, popular blogs, and mobile apps, are built according to the same principles and using almost identical components.

Anatomy of a landing page

How to use landing pages?

The answer to the question of how to use landing pages is straightforward – landing pages are typically used by B2B or B2C lead generation teams to direct the traffic from online advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social media, nurturing, and other programs.

How to use landing pages

What are the landing page best practices?

When building a high-converting landing page, there are many rules that you should consider. And just like all of the rules, they are meant to be broken from time to time.

Landing page best practices

Landing page tutorial

In this comprehensive landing page tutorial, how to use landing pages, what makes a good landing page, what are the tools you need to create high-converting landing pages at scale.

Landing page tutorial

Best landing page builders in 2021

Learn about the best landing page builders for digital marketing teams and agencies running lead generation programs for themselves or their clients in 2021.

Best landing page builders

Free landing page builder

Discover free landing page creation tool for digital marketers who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use free landing page constructor to start crafting high converting landing pages.

Free landing page builder
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