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Instead of just giving you a bunch of landing page templates, we help you create a landing page system with shared forms, branding and building blocks, so you can create landing pages at scale and save time on busywork.

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Feature Highlights

Everything you need to create high-converting landing pages, run A/B tests and analyze performance.

There's one thing that you don't need to do to create high-converting landing pages with Marcom Robot landing page builder — you don't need to code.

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Drag-and-drop landing page builder
Drag-and-drop builder

100% no-code landing page and form builder.

High-converting landing page templates
Out-of-the-box templates

High-converting predefined landing page templates and and forms.

AI-enabled A/B testing

Easy-to-setup split testing of landing pages powered by AI.

Landing page analytics
Advanced analytics

Real-time tracking of key landing page performance metrics.

Landing Page Heatmaps

Actionable insight into the user behavior and winning patterns.

Speed testing

Quick snapshot of the page load speeds and recommendations.

Shared presets and blocks for landing pages
Custom templates & layouts with shared components

A library of custom templates, shared layouts, fonts, and colors.

Email validation, and lead data enrichment

Continuous enrichment of company size, industry, revenue, etc.

Teams, roles and permissions

Security you need to manage your landing pages and customer information.

in action

Landing page builder in action

There's one thing that you don't need to do to create high-converting landing pages with Marcom Robot
— you don't need to code.

Drag-and-drop landing page builder
drag-and-drop landing page Constructor

Create landing pages. Effortlessly.

You don't need to know HTML or CSS to build high-converting landing pages with our landing page design tool. Simply drag and drop building blocks like page sections, images, forms, etc.

High-converting landing page templates
Out-of-the-box templates

Choose from a variety of high-converting landing page templates.

Marcom Robot landing page builder comes packed with high-converting out-of-the-box landing page templates for you to chose from. Use them as the foundation for your landing pages. or start with a blank page.

Landing page analytics
Advanced Landing Page ANalytics

Gain full visibility into your landing page performance.

With Marcom Robot, you're getting real-time visibility into the performance of your landing pages. Track views, unique visitors, conversions, lead location and device data, and more.

See landing page analytics in action
Landing Page A/b Testing

Identify winning patterns, and get more conversions from the same Ad spend.

Run A/B tests for your landing pages with ease — simply select the page variants, and we'll do all the split testing heavy lifting for you.

See landing page a/b testing in action
Unified Branding

Create a scalable landing page system, not just individual landing pages.

Design shared components that become available to your entire team. That way,  all of your landing pages are 100% consistent with your style guide, and using proper forms, headers and footers.

See presets in action
Lead Enrichment and Email Validation

Instantly verify email addresses of your leads, and send more data to sales.

Simply your sign-up forms to increase you visitor-to-lead conversion rate while getting more intelligence about the leads you're generating with the built-in lead enrichment, email and phone number validation.

Landing Page Builder Alternatives

Superior alternative
to other landing page builders.

All landing page builders were not created equal. Marcom Robot provides the advanced features you need and the pricing options you can afford.

Google Sites
"I have 200 landing pages. How much time will it take me to add a new field to all of my forms?"
Legacy landing page builders

~2,000 minutes. You'll have to update each form on every one of your landing pages manually. This means opening every page, applying edits and clicking "Save" 200 times.

Marcom Robot official logo

~ 10 minutes. All you need to do is open a shared form, add a new field and save your edits. The new field will be automatically added to all landing pages using this shared form.

"How can I make sure my teams's following our brand guidelines when building landing pages?"
Legacy landing page builders

No ability to enforce branding.

Marcom Robot official logo

Shared fonts and shared colors make all of your landing pages 100% compliant with your brand guidelines. You can define and lock down exactly the fonts and colors your team can use when creating landing pages.

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"We've recently changed corporate colors... How can I update my landing pages in bulk?"
Legacy landing page builders

No way to centrally update your landing page components.

Marcom Robot official logo

Simply open your "Branding" settings, and update one or all of shared colors. Changes will be automatically applied to all of your landing pages.

More on unified branding feature
"I'd like to make my forms shorter to get more leads, but my sales team is begging for more lead data..."
Legacy landing page builders

There's not much you can do about it.

Marcom Robot official logo

You can easily shorten your forms thanks to the integrated lead enrichment feature. With every form submission, you're getting over 90 unique data points about your leads, including "Company Name", "Number of Employees", "Industry", "HQ address", corporate social media profiles and many more.

More on lead enrichment feature
"I'd like to minimize the number of junk leads. Is there anything we can do about it?"
Legacy landing page builders

No ability to boost lead quality.

Marcom Robot official logo

The built-in email validation and email quality scoring technology helps you identify invalid email addresses in real time. We highlight free emails, role emails and spam emails so that you can decide whether you want them in your system or not.

More on email validation feature
Post-Click experiences

Any channel.
Any campaign.
Any device.

Marcom Robot Pay-Per-Click Illustration

Get more leads from your Ad spend by improving quality score and Ad rank thanks to perfectly optimized landing pages.

Marcom Robot Webinar Illustration

Drive more registrants to your educational and commercial webinars through dedicated landing pages.

Marcom Robot Limited Time Offers Illustration

Maximize the effectiveness of your limited time offers by creating landing pages with countdown timers.

Marcom Robot Email Marketing Illustration
Email Marketing

Boost the results of your email campaigns and nurturing flows with higher click-to-lead rate.

Marcom Robot Tradeshow Illustration
Trade Shows and Virtual Events

Bring more attendees to your major trade shows, customer events and face-to-face trainings.

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