Landing Page Audit

Conducting a landing page audit to improve the conversion rate of your landing pages? Below you can find our landing page audit checklist providing a quick summary of the landing page elements that you may want to check as part of your next audit. This free checklist will be particularly useful for digital marketing professionals looking for ways to scale their lead generation programs and generate more leads with the same Ad spend.

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Landing Page Audit Checklist

Has the website menu been removed?

Digital marketers know for a fact that omitting your standard website menu helps focus your visitors’ attention on the landing page content and increases conversion rate.

How much are you asking users to scroll?

Unnecessary scroll can negatively affect your landing page conversion rate. Consider placing the key elements and calls-to-action as close to the top as possible.

Does your Ad headline match the headline on your landing page?

Your Ads and your landing pages should be telling a story. Hence, consider keeping the headlines of your Ads and landing pages as close to each other as possible. This strategy will also improve your Ad Rank.

Are you giving your audience enough time to try your product or service?

No one likes to make significant commitments without a free trial. Something as simple as “Free 14-Day Trial” or “No credit card is required” can increase your conversion rate.

How many fields does your sign-up form have?

Consider shortening your sign-up forms by removing a few nice-to-have fields. By the way, Marcom Robot Landing Page Builder has a built-in contact enrichment feature, so you can get more intelligence about your leads while keeping your sign-up forms nice and short.

Have you conveyed the value?

Make sure that you’ve added enough real-life use cases, screenshots, images, and social proof. But, don’t get too far – keep it short, ideally within two scrolls.

Have you addressed privacy and data security?

Since data breaches are happening daily, people hesitate to provide their personal information to the vendors they don’t know. You must reassure your visitors that their data will be safe by putting a link to your Privacy Policy page.

Have you created a “Thank You” page?

Many digital marketers consider “Thank You” as the perfect place to promote additional content, products, and services. Use “Thank You” pages to push your leads through the funnel faster.

As part of our Landing Page Academy, we've put together a few free educational videos about the best practices for creating landing pages, so that you can achieve better results with the same Ad spend.

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Landing page audit checklist
PRO TIp: Conducting a landing page audit

How to Conduct a Proper Landing Page Audit?

If you're considering a comprehensive landing page audit, start by reviewing your funnel analytics. Pull data from multiple sources, including your landing page builder, Google Analytics, Google Ads and CRM. 

Look for campaigns, Ad groups and even individual Ads, where your visitor-to-lead conversion rate is smaller than that for other ads, yet your budget spent is just as big, if not bigger.

At first, check if you're brining the right audience to your page by reviewing the bounce rate (Google Analytics) and keywords you're using (Google Ads).

If you see that your bounce rate for this particular page is close to your average and confirm that all keywords are relevant to your target persona, it's worth looking more closely under the hood of your landing page(s) and conducting a full-blown landing page audit.

Download our landing page audit checklist and use it as a starting point.

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