Top 3 best landing pages - October 2019

Just like yours, our marketing brain gets inspired by the great work of others. From now and on, every month we’ll be carefully selecting three best landing pages, in our humble opinion, and sharing them with you. We’re not necessarily looking strictly for landing pages that follow all of the landing page best practices. Instead, we’re searching for the fresh landing page templates and ideas you could A/B test against your existing ones. Also, although you’re probably more interested in landing pages for B2B marketing, from time to time we’ll be including some examples of amazing B2C landing page templates.

1) Monday.com vs. Asana, by Monday.com

Enterprise project management and collaboration is a very crowded space with lots of vendors fighting for thicker market shares and doing whatever it takes to tip over the rivals. In this example, market challenger Monday.com has built a comparison landing page between them and the market lead Asana. Competitive comparisons in the digital world can become very biased in a bad way. This is not the case with Monday.com landing page as they’re not merely claiming that their product is superior to the competitive product.

What we like:

• They're providing as many third-party references and independent reviews as they can to prove they’re a real alternative to Asana;

• Overall, the design looks very clean with lots of space, yet it has just enough content to explain the key benefits without going into too many details;

Schematic screenshots have lately become a trend. They’re easy to produce for design teams and marketers without worrying too much about the interface details that won’t look great after re-scaling the images.

Landing page example #1 - Monday.com
Landing page example #1 - Monday.com

2) VeeamOn event in Las Vegas, by Veeam

When a vendor reaches a certain level of maturity and brand recognition, it’s always a good idea to consider organizing brand-specific event. RSA and Microsoft have pioneered this strategy with the RSA Conference and Ignite becoming major trade shows in IT space. Veeam, a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions, is using the same approach with the VeeamOn event in Las Vegas. We’ve checked out other landing pages created by Veeam. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them Their marketing is clearly using a landing page builder to create those landing pages for lead generation and brand awareness.

What we like:

• They’re using a very cool video in the header with some really engaging video fragments of the past events. When you’re looking at it, you’re realizing that it’s definitely an even you would not want to miss.

• When you’re making a landing page about a B2B event, it’s utterly important that you convey the two things – as an attendee you’ll have lots of fun and you’ll actually learn a lot. Veeam nailed it and their landing page is perfectly balanced in that regard.

• Veeam realizes that the majority of attendees will need to prove to the business they work for that attending VeeamOn is immensely valuable. Hence, they’ve but a “Convince Your Boss” section at the bottom of the page helping their target audience get the green light to attend the show – thumbs up for that.

Landing page example #2 - Veeam
Landing page example #2 - Veeam

3) Send money with Zelle, by Zelle

This one is not really a landing page, but rather a home page of a website. Nevertheless, we just can’t help but think that this is a hilarious example of using a great combination of creativity, sense of humor and use cases that are extremely compelling. Just take a closer look and you’ll discover so many details and aspects of the visual language that make this page bold and unique. From our perspective, this landing page isn’t that much focused on lead generation, it’s rather focused on creating an emotional connection with a brand.

What we like:

• Unlike the majority of modern landing pages and home pages, that are designed with a goal to generate leads, Zelle’s home page is focused on building an emotional connection with a brand by showcasing very entertaining and engaging use cases.

• FAQ is placed perfectly at the bottom of the page – we’ve seen FAQ's being very powerful solutions as they help convert users who haven’t immediately found answers to all of their questions.

• Zelle’s using a one-two-three approach to define how their solution works at the very top of the page. Having built thousands of landing pages ourselves and even more for our clients with a landing page tool, we applaud vendors who realize that simplicity is key. People do not spend time reading your content, they’re quickly scanning it capturing only the points that they find relevant.

Landing page example #3 - Zelle
Landing page example #3 - Zelle

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