Data quality Engine

Data Enrichment and Validation for B2B Sales and Marketing

Get more intelligence about your prospects, leads and customers, validate email addresses and phone numbers to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are getting only the high quality data.
WHat's included

GDPR-compliant comprehensive data quality solution

We're helping you enrich and validate the most critical data points about your prospects, leads and customers. As the result, your getting the most comprehensive data enrichment and data quality solution on the market.
data enrichment

Get a complete profile of your leads and accounts

The data you're getting is sourced from over 200 public and private sources to give you the most complete and accurate intelligence about your leads and accounts. Unlike the majority of data providers, we re-crawl data regularly to ensure our we're giving you the best results.

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email validation

Increase the quality of your data and remove junk emails

We perform a series of real-time checks for each of your email addresses. You get an overall email quality score for every processed email. As a result you can immediately identify and remove disposable email addresses and score quality leads higher.

phone validation

Identify leads with legit phone numbers and score them higher

With phone validation you're bringing the quality of your lead, prospect and customer data to the next level. You can clearly identify those who provided correct phone numbers and score them higher than those who put anything but a legit number on you lead capture forms.

for marketing and sales operations

Designed for teams generating the demand and helping front line sales teams sell better, faster and more efficiently


Deliver the right message to the right audience in the right time

If you're a marketer, the enrichment and validation of lead and customer data will help you dramatically improve the results of your advertising, nurturing and email marketing campaigns by providing more accurate and more broad targeting options, increase email deliverability, open rates, click-to-open rates, and more.

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Sales operations

Speed up your sales cycle and increase sales productivity

If you're in sales operations, the data enrichment and validation will help you boost the productivity of your sales organization by eliminating lead routing and distribution issues and helping you deliver more accurate intelligence about leads and customers in the hands of your front line sales organization.

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