Data Enrichment App on Zapier Marketplace

Looking for a data enrihcment solution for your CRM or Marketing Automation platform, but don't want to deal with the API integration? We're proud to announce that MARCOM Robot Data Quaility Engine is now on Zapier market place! That means that the integration requires ZERO CODING and is as easy as it gets.

WHat's included?

CRM Data Enrichment and Validation with MARCOM Robot App on Zapier

If your team's already using Zapier as a glue to connect your business applications, you can now integrate MARCOM Robot data enrichment and validation with your CRM or Marketing Automation system. It takes 15 minutes to start enriching and validating the key data points about your prospects, leads and customers.
data enrichment

Get accurate intelligence about your accounts and contacts

With data enrichment and validation turned on you'll be getting much more intelligence about your contacts and accounts. Unlike the legacy data quality tools, we are a Continuous Data Enrichment™ solution, which means that we re-crawl the data regularly to ensure you're getting the most precise information possible.

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email validation

Remove junk emails to avoid spam traps and save on data storage

We help you streamline data quality assessment for both new and existing contacts by performing real-time email quality assessment. As a result you're getting a quality score for every email, and can immediately identify and remove junk data to avoid the risk of hitting spam traps and save on storage costs.

phone validation

Identify leads with correct phone numbers and score them higher

With phone validation you're bringing the quality of your lead, prospect and customer data to the next level. You can clearly identify those who provided correct phone numbers and score them higher than those who put anything but a legit number on you lead capture forms.

15 Minutes
average time it takes to create an integration through Zapier
Zero Coding
is required to start enriching your contacts and accounts
Help & Support
is what we are committed to be providing to all customers using our Zapier app

Over 90 Unique Data Points

Company Name



Number of Employees

Annual Revenue

HQ Location

Company Profiles on Social Networks

And much more!