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Measure and track CSAT, NPS and CES with a Salesforce survey tool. Prevent customer churn.

Marcom Robot Surveys is an easy-to-use and cost-effective Salesforce survey tool. You can create one-question CSAT, NPS and CES surveys in just a few clicks, and send them to your prospects and customers. The survey responses are automatically synced and stored with your Salesforce leads and contacts.

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How it works

Gauge customer sentiment, quantify customer loyalty, and prevent customer churn.

Not all customer feedback tools were created equal. Marcom Robot provides the features you need, the UX you'll love and the pricing options you can afford. Moreover, with Marcom Robot, you get both one-question and multi-question surveys.

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One-question CSAT, NPS and CES surveys for Salesforce

Create and launch one-question customer surveys in minutes. Use smileys face, numbers, thumbs up/down, stars rating, and other engaging formats.

Flexible Salesforce survey data mapping

The survey responses get synced into Salesforce fields that you've selected. You can create reports and dashboards using this data, and trigger adjacent workflows.

Alerts on survey responses that require attention

Set up real-time email notifications about survey responses, scores and ratings (positive and negative) that require your special attention.

Out-of-the-box survey templates

Save time with ready-to-go and easily customizable CSAT, CES and NPS survey templates pre-built for you according to the survey best practices.

Salesforce-native survey analytics and reporting

Activate real-time customer experience (CX) dashboards in Salesforce. Combine the results of CSAT, NPS and CES surveys with customer data for a 360-degree view.

In Action

Salesforce survey tool that's easy to set up, customize, and adjust along the way.

It takes minutes, not days or even hours to create surveys, send them to your Salesforce leads and contacts. Discover how your prospects and customers truly feel about their experience with you products, services and team.

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CSAT, NPS and CES surveys for Salesforce

Build and distribute CSAT, NPS and CES surveys with ease and speed.

Collect customer feedback with surveys built specifically for Salesforce — easy to set up, customize, and adjust along the way.

Customer survey tool
real-time Alerts

Identify at-risk customers and discover customer experience pitfalls.

Identify at-risk customers and discover problematic experience with real-time alerts. You can set up email notifications for positive, negative and neutral responses.

Customer feedback tool in action
Salesforce native CX Dashboard

Gain 360-degree view of your customer experience.

Marcom Robot provides a single pane view of your customer experience by combining various key CX metrics and presenting them on a single dashboard,

CX dashboard in Salesforce
Salesforce data sync

Sync survey responses into Salesforce leads and contacts in real-time.

Seamlessly integrate feedback data with Salesforce — record survey responses and survey metadata in any object or field in Salesforce CRM.

Adding customer feedback data to Salesforce fields

Trigger different workflows based on the type of feedback you've received.

Use Salesforce survey data to create customer-centric workflows.

Customer feedback tool integrations
Real-life SURVEY Examples

All-in-one customer feedback tool for Salesforce— discover your CSAT, CES and NPS.

Take a look at these real-life examples of CSAT, CES and NPS surveys that you can create and launch with Marcom Robot in minutes. Simply activate a free plan, or one of the cost-effective paid subscriptions (annual or monthly).

CSAT survey example

Are you customers satisfied with your products, services and interactions with your team?

Regular customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys can help you discover how your customers really feel about your products, services, or interactions with your team.

With Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can create engaging CSAT surveys, measure and monitor customer pulse, and identify areas for improvement in your products business processes.

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CES survey example

How easy is it for your customers to use your products and services, or do business with you?

Understanding customer effort is the first step to optimizing your internal processes and making them easy for the customer.

Whether it's a product purchase or support engagement, with Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can measure customer effort after every interaction, and take action to improve.

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NPS survey example

How loyal are your customers to your brand?

Measuring net promoter score (NPS) is one of the best ways to quantify customer loyalty, and understand your customers' true feelings and perceptions about your brand.

With Marcom Robot customer feedback tool, you can create your net promoter score surveys with ease, measure NPS, and hear feedback from your customers in their own words.

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