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Marcom Robot NPS survey software provides an easy way to create one-click surveys and measure the loyalty of your customers to your brand. It also as helps you collect qualitative feedback you can rely on to improve customer experience, reduce churn, and increase retention.

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With Marcom Robot NPS survey software, you can create and launch one-click net promoter score surveys, identify your promoters, passives and detractors.

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FEATure: NPS Survey Builder

Quantify customer loyalty with one-click net promoter score surveys (NPS surveys).

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Feature: Post-NPS Survey Feedback

Collect qualitative feedback giving you the real-life intelligence you need to improve customer experience.

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Feature: NPS Dashboards & Analytics

Track and monitor your Net Promoter Score (NPS) dynamics in real time.

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Feature: Email Alerts

Get notified in real time on customer feedback that requires special attention.

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Feature: API & Integratoins

Trigger different workflows based on the type of feedback you've received.

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How It works

How NPS survey software works — four simple steps to consider.

Step I: Create your NPS survey.

NPS surveys usually consist of two parts — the rating question and the landing page where customers can provide more context about the rating they've given you.

Marcom Robot helps you create a complete customer survey in a matter of a few clicks. On average, it takes three minutes to put together a brand new NPS survey from scratch with the customer feedback tool from Marcom Robot.

Step II: Send your NPS survey.

The best practice is to send your one-click NPS survey to every customer via email after a certain fixed period of time — 30, 60, 90 or 180 days after they became your paying customer.

Step III: Collect, and deliver customer feedback to your team.

Your customer satisfaction software needs to be able to collect and aggregate responses to your NPS surveys. It should also provide and a quick and easy way of creating dashboards and reports (i.e. NPS dynamics by customer segment).

Step IV: Make improvements. Repeat.

Measuring your customer loyalty (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) is essential to enhancing customer experience.

There's no doubt that thanks to regular NPS and CSAT surveys, you'll be able to discover actionable insights and real-life feedback helping you improve your business processes, and provide delightful customer experience.


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