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Create a New List

Copy and past company names, or upload your Excel spreadsheet.


Start Matching Process

Launch the real-time company name-to-domain matching process.


Get a List of Domains

As the result, you get a list of domains next to company names.

Output example: Company name-to-domain matching

Here's an example of the output of the bulk company name-to-domain matching process. As you can see on the picture on the right-hand side, there's a website address next to every company name.

View Plans & Pricing

What are the pricing options?

Check out our cost-effective pricing options. You’ll get the flexibility you need — all plans are tailored to your list size. You can change your plan or cancel your subscription anytime.

View Plans and Pricing

What are the limitations of the Free plan?

On the free plan you'll be able to convert only five (5) company names to website domains per month, This plan is designed for you. to get to know the product better

What's the match rate for company name-to-domain matching?

The match rate will heavily depend on the quality of the input data. So, the more accurate and precise your company names are, the better results you’ll get from our engine. Keep this in mind when putting your list together.

Can I convert company names to domains in bulk?

Absolutely! In fact, our product has been designed to address the bulk company name-to-domain matching use case.

Can I upload my own list for company name-to-domain matching?

Please take a look at the demo, and you'll see that there are two ways to add you records to the product. You'll be able to copy and paste the records into the product, or upload your excel file.

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