Prospecting Engine

Reveal Hidden Demand and Get Precise Data about Your Target Accounts

Company name-to-domain and and IP address-to-company name matching and lookup help B2B sales and marketing teams identify key information about their target accounts and reveal buying intent from top-of-the-funnel prospects at early stages.
WHat's included

Comprehensive company name-to-domain and IP address-to-domain lookup and matching solution

Identify website addresses based on company names of your target accounts, reveal your most active prospects based on the IP address of your website visitors - all with unmatched accuracy and time to value.
company name to domain

Get website address based on company name

If you are managing B2B contact lists you may sometimes end up with lists containing company names and no website addresses. Simply give us company names and we'll return back their website addresses at no time and with very high accuracy.

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ip address to company name

Get company name based on IP address

With phone validation you're bringing the quality of your lead, prospect and customer data to the next level. You can clearly identify those who provided correct phone numbers and score them higher than those who put anything but a legit number on you lead capture forms.

for marketing and sales operations

Designed for teams generating the demand and helping front line sales teams sell better, faster and more efficiently


Expand your reach beyond known prospects and facilitate your ABM campaigns

If you're a marketer, the company name-to-website address data matching and lookup helps you establish more precise targeting of your ABM programs, while IP address-to-domain lookup helps identify new names for your nurturing campaigns and identify the most promising new accounts.

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Sales operations

Get more intelligence about your existing target accounts and identify new prospects

If you're in sales operations, the prospecting engine helps you provide more accurate information about your target accounts to the sales team. You'll also be able to identify net new accounts at the very beginning of their buying journey and hand them off to the sales leaders.

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