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On this page, you'll find elaborate information about the data security policies and procedures that we've got in place to protect your data.

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Marcom Robot Information Security Program

Marcom Robot is using NIST framework to identify, detect and respond to modern cybersecurity threats. The information security policy toolset comprises perimeter defense tools and insider activity monitoring software. All of the permissions and access rights are grant according to the principle of the least privilege and get continuously audited for any changes, i.e. changes to the Domain Admins Group, etc.

Marcom Robot has documented information security policies and procedures. All of our security policies are maintained by the IT department and continuously reviewed to ensure the security of customer data.

Audit & Risk Management

Marcom Robot performs periodic security risk assessments. The date of the latest risk assessment: 10.21.2021. Scope: Users and Computers (user accounts with passwords set to never expire, disabled computer accounts, inactive user accounts, inactive computer accounts), Permissions (administrative groups, empty security groups, user accounts with administrative permissions) and Data (shared folders accessible by everyone, files containing sensitive data).

Marcom Robot is planning to perform a SOC2 attestations of our information security policy. This is a high-priority project for the team. The timeline is H2 2022 - H1 2023.

Human Resources

  • Marcom Robot performs background verification checks on staff prior to employment.
  • Marcom Robot documents the procedures followed to govern change in employment and/or termination including for timely revocation of access and return of assets.
  • All Marcom Robot personnel required to sign Confidentiality Agreements to protect customer information, as a condition of employment.

Data Protection and Retention

  • Marcom Robot maintains encrypted backups of systems impacting customer data?
  • Marcom Robot uses ForcePoint for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to protect customer data.
  • Marcom Robot has the ability to destroy all customer data shared with us within 90 days of contract termination or when requested by the customer. This includes all data in backups.
  • Marcom Robot uses HTTPs and SSL cryptographic algorithms to secure data in transit over public networks.
  • Marcom Robot uses RSA as cryptographic algorithms to secure data at rest.
  • Marcom Robot uses Bcrypt, Argon2 hashing algorithms to store passwords.