Every successful journey needs a solid roadmap. Here's ours.

Here you can find the information about our strategic direction for the future and tactical plan for the next few sprints. If you'd like to help us shape the future of our Landing Page Builder product, don't hesitate to send us your ideas.

Send us your feature-related ideas

Marketing automation platform is our end goal.

At Marcom Robot, we're on our path to creating a truly integrated marketing automation platform that SMBs would actually love using. Our next strategic milestones are email marketing, campaigns, automation, lead scoring and database management capabilities.

Post-Click experiences

Some of the key features we're working on.

Disclaimer: The following features are part of the tactical roadmap. Some of them will get released soon, some will take a bit more time. This list is heavily impacted by the customer feedback and is subject to change without notice.

Form templates

On top of the current form builder options users need some predefined form templates to help them get started faster.

Integration with Font Awesome

Highly requested feature that will allow users to get access to a large library of icons.

Predefined responsive layouts

Supplement the components with predefined responsive layouts that will be adapting to various screen sizes automatically,

Enhanced onboarding and training

Increase the number of onboarding materials based on the customer feedback.

Shared sections

We need to give users a way to save the landing page sections they like in a central repository. That way, they will be able to use those sections across multiple landing pages.

Improved CMD+Z

Improve UX when for the 'Undo' control.

Cookie consent banner

"Thank You" pages

In order to improve the post-click experience, we'll be introducing "Thank You" pages, where users will be able to provide additional information and next steps for leads.

Ongoing: New templates

Increase the number of out-of-the-box templates.

Integration with Integrately

Custom fonts