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Marcom Robot customer satisfaction software helps you discover how your customers really feel — are they actually satisfied, or if they’re only sticking with you until something better comes along.

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With Marcom Robot customer satisfaction software, you can create and launch customer satisfaction surveys, measure results, as well as track and monitor customer satisfaction score (CSAT) in real time.

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FEATure: CSAT Survey Builder

Measure customer pulse after any engagement with one-click customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT surveys).

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Feature: Dashboards & Analytics

Gauge customer satisfaction — track and monitor CSAT in real time.

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Feature: Customer Intelligence

Collect real-life feedback, and discover your promoters, passives and detractors.

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Feature: Email Alerts

Get notified on feedback that requires special attention.

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Feature: API & Integratoins

Trigger different workflows based on the type of feedback you've received.

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How It works

How customer satisfaction survey software works — five easy steps to consider.

Step I: Define the scope.

Prior to using customer satisfaction software, there are some important decisions that you 'll need to make. You'll need to define what exactly you would like to measure — the quality of a specific process (i.e. support, renewal, etc.), or general customer satisfaction.

Step II: Create your CSAT survey.

One of the most effective ways of measuring customer satisfaction is launching CSAT surveys. These are usually one-question surveys that are quick to build and easy to fill out.

Depending on your planned scope (see Step 1), you might need one or several CSAT surveys. If you're measuring the general customer satisfaction, you should be good with one. But if you're looking to get a better idea of how your customers feel every major touchpoint, you'll need several — one for every touchpoint.

Step III: Send your CSAT survey.

You can send your customer satisfaction surveys via email blasts across your customer database, add them to email signatures of your staff (i.e. support), place them on the website, etc. Simply select the option that works best for you and your business.

Step IV: Collect and visualize results.

Your customer feedback tool needs to be able to collect and aggregate responses to your CSAT surveys. It should also provide and an easy way of creating dashboards and reports (i.e. CSAT by support operator).

Step V: Make improvements. Repeat.

Measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT) and customer loyalty (NPS) is crucial to understanding how your customers feel about your products and services.

There's no doubt that thanks to regular CSAT surveys you'll be able to discover valuable insights and improve your business process to go above and beyond the customer expectations.


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