The story of humans behind the robots

We figured it's important to give you an idea of what we believe in, how we see the world and why we're putting your success before our growth.

Building robots since 2017



Year of operation


More than 50 employees

           We keep the focus and eliminate distractions
           We are a fellowship of agile problem-solvers
           We’re workaholics who put their loved ones first
           We communicate openly and with respect to each other
            We are professionals who make mistakes and never stop learning
            We are committed to the success of our customers

Our philosophy

Above all, our golden rule is to treat our customers and employees the way we want to be treated. We’re a healthy business both financially and psychologically. At any level our team does not tolerate or cultivate crudeness, arrogance and duplicity and incompetence. .

At MARCOM Robot we are a customer-centric and feedback-driven organization. Should you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or if our values match yours and you’re interested in joining the MARCOM Robot team, drop us a line.