IP Address to company name matching

Reveal Hidden Demand and Identify New Prospects

iP address-to-company name finder helps identify accounts that are not yet part of your demand funnel and expand your sales team's reach beyond known prospects and customers.

Why Matching ip Address with domain?

More than 90% of your website visitors remain unknown to your Marketing and Sales teams

In order to expand your reach, you need a process of identifying who's actually visiting your website to be able to detect the most promising and most active accounts that would otherwise stay unnoticed.
Converting IP address into domain

Discover active prospects visiting your website

Through a series of real-time checks, we're providing you the most relevant domain names based on the IP addresses of your website visitors. You can use this intelligence to identify the most active accounts for your re-targeting campaigns, ABM programs and data quality initiatives.

Timely Intent Data = Pipeline

Identify buying intent at early stages

IP address-to-domain name matching helps your sales team expand the list of active target accounts and accelerate the pipeline creation.


Get Started in No Time

Your use case is unique and we understand that. That's why we've thought of all potential ways you may choose to start using phone number validation.
If you need continuous IP address-to-domain name matching, our engine is easy to integrate with your existing solutions through an API.
Online Portal
If you have a one-off IP address to company name matching project, you can use our online portal The whole process takes just a few clicks.