Automatically identify Website Address Based on Company Name

Company name-to-domain matching helps build lists for your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns and increases accuracy of your data.

why matching company name with domain?

Your sales team has target accounts. But how does your marketing team would reach them?

B2B Marketing and Sales Operations teams need an automated process of matching prospect's company names with domains to ensure the precise targeting of their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs and streamline data quality assurance.
Effortless and Accurate matching

AI-driven matching of company name to domain

We analyze multiple independent parameters to provide you with the most relevant domain address. Unlike legacy company name-to-domain matching tools or API's, our prospecting engine is demonstrating high match rates, accuracy and speed.

How it works

Multiple independent sources

Reduce the risk of getting incorrect domain names or incomplete data and ensure high match rates.

AI-driven matching

Get the most relevant domain name - our AI-driven prospecting engine is providing the unmatched accuracy.

Enrichment-ready data

if you need to further enrich the company information based on the domain name, it is perfectly doable.
clean data = pipeline

Build stronger pipeline

Based on the accurate list of domain names, your marketing team can launch ABM campaigns aimed at target accounts selected by your Sales organization.


Get Started in No Time

Your use case is unique and we understand that.  We've thought of all potential ways you may choose to start using company name-to-domain matching tool.
If you need continuous company name-to-domain matching, our platform is easy to integrate with your existing solutions through an API.
Online Portal
If you have a one-off company name-to-domain matching project, you can use our online self-service portal. The whole process takes just a few clicks.